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What is SolLMS

The SolLMS is a web based Leave Management System developed by Sollogics. It automates employee time off requests, employee attendance, eliminates paperwork while improving the communication of vital information to both the manager and the employee thus improving employee relations.

What problems does it solve?

  • SolLMS allows you to reduce the time and money spent on paper chasing leave requests around the office by making important information available to the required staff in your company.
  • It keeps track of the employees who are on vacation this week and how many leaves did the employee take this year.
  • It provides the managers tools to quickly decide on approving or rejecting a leave request.
  • It provides the employees to plan their leaves quickly and efficiently without the involvement of HR.

What features does it offer?

For Employer

  • Configurable leave rules
  • Create custom roles and assign permissions to employees
  • Upload required documents for leaves as per policy
  • Upload policy documents for employees
  • Track the leave status, approval history and records of every employee.
  • Configurable email notifications, reminders and escalations to leave application approvers
  • Modify leave and attendance record in exceptional cases
  • Generate and export leave records and reports
  • View and fix anomalies in attendance records
  • Define multiple holiday calendars and map employees to a calendar
  • Define multiple shifts and map employees to the shift
  • Define and import Employee Rosters
  • Configure half day and full day hours
  • Import employee attendance from excel sheet.
  • Interface to import leaves directly from attendance system

For Employee

  • Employee dashboard displays leaves carry forward, available, availed and
  • Apply for leaves online
  • Email notification for successful submission of leave request, approvals and rejections.
  • Check complete leave records as well as approval history.
  • Withdraw leave request
  • Calculate number of valid days when applying leave.
  • View number of available leaves when applying for leave
  • Review balances and comp-off.
  • Combined with of logged in users
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