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Time to Implement an ERP Solution

A pertinent question upon which companies brainstorm is – “What is the right time to implement a customized ERP solution, to automate the processes within the organization?” We at Sollogics Software Technologies can guide you through some indicators that can help you identify the opportunity to do so:   Business has entered the growth stage: […]

Hibernate Session – get() vs load()

Both these methods create a object representing the row with a given id. For example MyClass myObj = session.get(MyClass.class, rowId) and MyClass myObj = session.load(MyClass.class, rowId) But what’s the need for having 2 methods which perform same function? There isn’t actually, except when both the methods have slight difference in behavior. The load() method always […]

WordPress ‘Auto-refresh page once only after first load’

Try the code given below in your theme header.php file in head section to ‘Auto-refresh page once only after first load’ <script type=’text/javascript’> (function() { if( window.localStorage ) { if( !localStorage.getItem( ‘firstLoad’ ) ) { localStorage[ ‘firstLoad’ ] = true; window.location.reload(); } else localStorage.removeItem( ‘firstLoad’ ); } })(); </script> Thats all!!

Open CSV into Excel without corrupting data types

A CSV is a comma separated values file, which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. Microsoft Excel has the ability to open a CSV file and then save it back into same format. The problem comes when there are multiple data types in CSV. Excel is smart enough to automatically map […]

Business Automation For Steel Detailers

Structures Online are the number one steel detailers in India with clients all around the globe. Sollogics is proud to announce that we have successfully deployed the phase one of the process automation application for Structures Online. It took us around one year to complete this phase (from requirements gathering to development and deployment). The […]